Three Twins’ services are offered at a very modest cost. Our services are classified in two basic categories performed either in a “PRE” or a “POST” launch status.


  • Full Superstructure Wash

      From the rubrail up, including complete soaping of super structure, complete rinse, and chamoising of all smooth surfaces, glass, and chrome.
  • Topside Wash

      From the rubrail down, including complete soaping of hull, complete rinsing and drying.
  • Interior Cleaning

      Complete dusting, cleaning, polishing, and vacuuming (including head and galley).
  • Extensive Interior Detailing

      Customized interior cleaning / detailing ie; cabinets, refrigerator, shelves.
  • Polish & Wax Superstructure

      All smooth fiberglass from the rubrail up is completely reconditioned by removing all oxidation and stains, then the surface is waxed / sealed to protect against the elements (wash-down included).
  • Polish & Wax Topsides (Hull)

      All smooth fiberglass from rubrail down to waterline is completely reconditioned by removing all oxidation & stains then the surface is waxed/sealed to protect against the elements (wash down included).
  • Wash & Wax Superstructure

      From the rubrail up, no buffing.
  • Wash & Wax Topsides (Hull)

      From the rubrail down, no buffing.
  • Teak Refinishing

      Complete expert cleaning, bleaching, sanding, oiling and sealing.
  • Varnishing

      Complete cleaning, sanding, and resurfacing.
  • Bottom cleaning / Diver service

      Out drives, retrievals, inspections.
  • Other services

      Canvas and vinyl cleaning, bilge and engine cleaning chrome, brass and fender, & safety-line cleaning and polishing.
  • Referral Service

      Lettering, electrical, 1st mate service, etc.

If we do not provide the service, we will provide the answer on where to go for your specific needs. Just give us a call!